CMPT/ISYS 14x Fall2005 Homepage


Dr. Sean Ho
(604) 513-2121 x3209
5 Neufeld Science Centre
Everyone: MWF 14:35-15:50 Neu13
140/145: R 08:00-09:15 Neu13

Lab Assistants

M Lab David Kim at M 18:00 - 22:00 Neu9
T Lab Sohail Aftab aftab at T 18:00 - 22:00 Neu9
W Lab Jenna Grothe jennmg at W 18:00 - 22:00 Neu9


General course information: objectives, prerequisites, text, policies, etc.

Course Schedule

Detailed outline of the semester, including assignments.

Lab Template

A sample of what a completed formal write-up for a lab assignment should look like.

Additional CMPT Policies

Prof. Sutcliffe's policies for his CMPT programming courses in general, and CMPT14x in particular. We will be adhering to these policies in this offering of CMPT14x. This is in addition to policies stated in the syllabus.

StonyBrook Intro

Your first assignment is to get familiar with the Stony Brook programming environment for Modula-2 we have installed on the PCs in the computer lab at Neufeld 9.


Our textbook is available online as well as in the campus bookstore: "Modula-2: Abstractions for Data and Programming Structures", by TWU's own Rick Sutcliffe.

comp.lang.modula2 FAQ

For your reference, the list of frequently asked questions from the Usenet discussion group comp.lang.modula2 is available online. This site also hosts another copy of the textbook.

Lecture Notes

Slides from the lectures, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Paper Marking Rubric

An outline of how your essay / position paper on Computers and Society is marked.

Midterm ch1-4

The first midterm on ch1-4, with answer key.

CMPT140 Final

The 140 final exam (ch1-7) (part1 on Wed), with answer key. Also part2 on Thu, with answer key.

Midterm ch8-10

The midterm on ch8-10, with answer key.

Final Exam

The 145/141/143 final exam (ch1-12), with answer key.