CMPT 122T Spring 2006 Assignments

Lab #Date AssignedDate Due PageTopics / Assignment
16 Mar13 Mar Units I+K Link to Excel, Publish to Word, Analyze in Excel; XML, SQL
I-22Skills Review #1-2, 4-6
I-24Independent Challenge 2
K-22Skills Review #1-3, 8
K-25Independent Challenge 1
213 Mar20 Mar Units K+L Action Queries, Advanced Forms
K-23Skills Review #6-7
K-26Independent Challenge 2
L-21Skills Review #1-6
L-23Independent Challenge 1
320 Mar27 Mar Unit M Access Objects, Form Properties
M-19Skills Review #1-8
427 Mar3 Apr Unit N Macros
N-19Skills Review #1-7
N-21Independent Challenge 1
53 Apr10 Apr Unit O VBA Modules
O-19Skills Review #1-7

All lab assignments are taken from the textbook, "Microsoft Office Access 2003" (ISBN 1-4188-4299-0).

All assignments are to be turned in electronically. From your CMPT122 eCourses website, go to the "Workspace" and select the "Turn-in" folder for the appropriate Lab. Select "Add document" (the document type doesn't matter; it's just for the icon). Browse for the file you'd like to upload. Double-check that the (4) Location is the correct folder, and that (5) Permission is not checked (otherwise your fellow classmates can see what you've uploaded).

Please make sure that every file you upload to eCourses has your name somewhere in the filename. Preferred filename format is CMPT122T Your Name Lab #.doc or something similar.

Where a question in the book asks you to write down your answers on a separate piece of paper, please type your answers in a Word document or plain text file. Be sure to indicate which question each answer corresponds to.

If for some reason uploading to eCourses doesn't work, just attach your files in an email to me.

Labs are due by the start of class on the due date. The turn-in folder will be closed at that time. Labs can still be turned in late with a penalty of 5% per day. There will be a separate folder for late turn-ins. Labs turned in after the start of class but before midnight the following day (this is a period a little over 24 hrs) are docked 5%. Labs turned in between midnight the following day and midnight the day after are docked 10%; etc.