MATH 108 Fall 2008 Homepage


Dr. Sean Ho
(604) 513-2121 x3209
5 Neufeld Science Centre
Office hours: MW 16:00-17:00, T 15:00-16:00, R 13:00-15:00 (revised!)
Class location:
TR 08:00-09:15 Neufeld 13


General course information: objectives, prerequisites, text, policies, etc.


Weekly homework assignments (subject to revision as the semester proceeds).

Extra Examples

A few extra sample problems to supplement the textbook and lectures. Conditional probability and independence.


Midterm ch1-5

Our first midterm covered chapters 1-5. Solutions are included.

Midterm ch6-9

Our second midterm covered chapters 6-9 (solutions are included).
Also see Form B of the same exam.

Final Exam

Our final exam, with solutions included. (Errata to the solutions)

Sample Research Article

Lindgren, et al., 2005 is a sample research journal article that uses t-tests, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney, ANOVA, linear regression, and more. See if you can read and understand it!

Fall 2007

I taught the same course last year; you may find the old exams and course material from that offering helpful.

Daily Devotionals

Every class starts with a short devotional from the Bible, to help keep everything in perspective!