CMPT 370 Spring 2009 Schedule

The lecture schedule is subject to revision as the semester progresses.
#DateTopicLabs Due
1Tue 6 Jan Introduction
2Thu 8 Jan History of GUIs; FLTK
3Tue 13 Jan UI/HCI Design Issues Lab0: FLTK orientation
4Thu 15 Jan UI Design: Fitts' Law
5Tue 20 Jan Parallel Computing (reading: LLNL tutorial) Lab1: FLTK
6Thu 22 Jan Parallel Computing Memory Models
7Tue 27 Jan OpenMP (reading: OpenMP homepage and tutorial)
8Thu 29 Jan Issues in Parallel Programming: Synchronization and Communication
9Tue 3 Feb Computer Graphics
10Thu 5 Feb Graphics Pipeline Lab2: OpenMP
11Tue 10 Feb Introduction to OpenGL
12Thu 12 Feb Midterm 1 (GUI, parallel)
13Tue 17 Feb 3D Geometry
14Thu 19 Feb Transform Matrices
Tue 24 Feb Independent Study Week / Reading Break
Thu 26 Feb Independent Study Week / Reading Break
15Tue 3 Mar Virtual Trackball: Quaternions Lab3: Animated 3D Model
16Thu 5 Mar Shading: OpenGL local illumination model
17Tue 10 Mar Phong Shading and Texture Maps
(plus promo of game devel by Kevin Schut)
18Thu 12 Mar Texture Mapping and Blending (Redbook ch9)
19Tue 17 Mar Programmable Shaders
20Thu 19 Mar Midterm 2 (graphics)
21Tue 24 Mar GLSL (GLSL quickref PDF, NeHe tutorial) Lab4: Textures and Trackball
22Thu 26 Mar Bezier Curves and surfaces (Redbook ch12)
23Tue 31 Mar NURBS
24Thu 2 Apr Scene Graphs and Space Partitioning
25Tue 7 Apr Class projects Demo Day!
Thu 9 Apr (no class) Lab5: GLSL
(last day for late turn-in: 19Apr)
Mon 20 Apr Final Exam: 2-4pm