CPSY 501 Fall 2009 Lecture Material / Schedule

DateTopicsReadingsAssignments Due
Fri 11 Sep (M) Introduction, Statistics Review Chs 1,3
Fri 18 Sep (M) The "Big 4": significance, effect size, sample size, power Ch 2
Fri 25 Sep (M) Data Exploration: cleaning, missing data, outliers, assumptions of parametricity Chs 4,5 HW Assignment 1 due: Stats Review
Fri 2 Oct (M) Regression: OLS (Ordinary Least-Squares) Simple Regression Ch 6, §7.1-7.4 Project dataset description due
Fri 9 Oct (D) Regression: Hierarchical Multiple Regression §7.5-7.11 Last day for project proposal meeting
Fri 16 Oct ANOVA and ANCOVA Chs 9-11 REB (ethics) form due
Fri 23 Oct (D) Regression: mediator/moderator effects (Guest lecture by Danielle!)
Fri 30 Oct (no meeting; Sean sick) HW Assignment 2 due: Hierarchical Regression
Fri 6 Nov (D) ANOVA: Factorial and Repeated-measures Chs 12-13
Fri 13 Nov (M) Mixed-Design ANOVA; Reading journal articles Ch 14 Read Myers&Hayes06 and Horowitz07 and come prepared to discuss review questions
Fri 20 Nov (D) Meta Analysis, Log-linear analysis Ch 18
Fri 27 Nov (M) Additional topics: Non-parametric ANOVA strategies Ch 15 HW Assignment 3 due: Mixed-design ANOVA
Fri 4 Dec (D) Additional topics: MANOVA, Factor Analysis Chs 16-17
Fri 11 Dec (no class) HW Assignment 4 due: Meta-Analysis
Fri 18 Dec (no class) Final project manuscript due (12 noon)