CMPT166 Spring 2010 Lab Requirements

Complete all labs

Every lab must be done; no exceptions! But the late policy is fairly lenient; see the syllabus for details.

Lab write-up

Every lab must be accompanied by a lab write-up. A template write-up is available; it is a slightly modified version of the CMPT140 lab write-ups. Have at least something in every section.

Your write-up file should be named Last_First_Lab0.doc. (Replace "Last" with your last name, "First" with your first name, "Lab0" with the appropriate lab number, and ".doc" with the appropriate file extension.)

Code doc-comments and style

See the sample Java code file for what is expected in terms of comments, doc-comments (docstrings), and style.

We will try to follow the JavaDoc standard and the Sun Java code conventions. You may also wish to use other javadoc keywords like @see or {@link}. Each method should also have its own doc comment, including a short description, preconditions (@param javadoc keyword), and postconditions (@return keyword).

Electronic submission

Upload your source code, lab write-up, and any other documentation or data files to the appropriate assignment drop-box in MyCourses. You may also wish to upload your compiled bytecode (*.class), although you are not required. Remember that I do need to be able to compile and run your code.

Here is a sample directory containing all the files you'd need to upload.


The weighting of marks for each lab will be approximately: