BUSI 275 Fall 2011 Final Exam Practise Questions

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The practise questions for the midterm cover the material from ch1-8. The final exam will be comprehensive over the whole semester (ch1-15, excluding 11).
As an aid for your study, here are a collection of questions similar to what might show up on the final exam. The actual exam may be longer or shorter, there may be some material on the exam that is not covered here, and there may be some material here that doesn't show up on the exam.
The exam is in-class, 120min long, and you will enter your answers on the computer. If the question asks for a numeric answer, be sure to enter only the number, without units. Enter percentages as decimal; e.g., "0.10" instead of "10%". You may use Excel, the lecture notes, textbook, and any resource on the Internet that is not a live person. You may not communicate in any way (including text message, email, chat, etc.) with classmates or anyone outside of class; if you have a question, raise your hand and I will help you as much as I can. Unlike on the midterm, you may not bring or use your own computer or cell phone; you must use the computers provided in the computer lab. (All use of these computers may be monitored and recorded.) At the bottom of the exam will be two buttons; the one marked "Save without submitting" may be pressed as often as you like to save the answers you have entered thus far. It is recommended to save at least once every ten minutes; a few students have encountered difficulties with a "Page expired" error in Internet Explorer (try reloading the page first).
  1. (p.389 #9-75)
  2. (p.389 #9-79)
  3. (p.390 #9-81)
  4. (p.390 #9-85) Business students who have recently completed a computer literacy course at a particular university take a test to assess proficiency with spreadsheet software. The test is intended to ensure that at least 70% of students who take the computer literacy course should pass the test, so the university would declare the pass rate to be less than 70% only if there is strong sample evidence for that. Suppose that in a random sample of 100 business students who have taken the computer literacy course, 63 pass the proficiency test.
    1. At α=0.05, what conclusions should the university administrators make regarding the difficulty of the test?
      z = -1.53, p = ; fail to reject: no sufficient evidence to show the pass rate is less than 70%.
    2. Interpret what a Type-II error would mean in this context.
      Saying that there is no sufficient evidence to show the pass rate is below 70%, when in fact the pass rate is below 70% (meaning the test is too hard).
  5. (p.391 #9-91)
  6. (p.408 #10-13)
  7. (p.421 #10-25)
  8. (p.422 #10-29)
  9. (p.443 #10-71)
  10. (p.444 #10-75)
  11. (p.495 #12-11)
  12. (p.508 #12-25)
  13. (p.509 #12-29)
  14. (p.519 #12-39)
  15. (p.525 #12-55)
  16. (p.560 #13-7)
  17. (p.561 #13-11)
  18. (p.570 #13-19)
  19. (p.576 #13-47)
  20. (p.587 #14-7)
  21. (p.589 #14-13)
  22. (p.610 #14-21)
  23. (p.611 #14-25)
  24. (p.629 #14-61)
  25. (p.651 #15-1)
  26. (p.652 #15-3)
  27. (p.698 #15-55abd)
  28. (p.699 #15-57abce)
  29. (p.702 #15-63)
  30. (p.702 #15-67 (file: Textbooks.xls))