BUSI 275 Fall 2011 HW Assignments

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All homeworks should be turned in electronically to myCourses. Homeworks are due by 10pm on the due date. Submit each homework as two files: one text document (e.g., Word) with tables/figures included inline, formatted in MLA style or similar; and one Excel spreadsheet showing the work you did to produce the results in the text document.
Please name your files starting with your last name, e.g., "Doe_Jane_HW1.doc" and "Doe_Jane_HW1.xls".
Datasets for textbook problems are in this subdirectory.

HW1 (due Thu 15 Sep) (20pts)

HW2 (due Thu 22 Sep) (20pts)

HW3 (due Thu 29 Sep) (20pts)

HW4 (due Thu 6 Oct) (20pts)

HW5 (due Thu 13 Oct) (20pts)

HW6 (due Thu 27 Oct) (20pts)

HW7 (due Tue 8 Nov) (20pts)

HW8 (due Tue 22 Nov) (20pts)