CPSY 501 Fall 2010 Lecture Material / Schedule

Sample datasets used in lecture are here.

For 2011, lectures and the schedule should be kept on myCourses (to facilitate collaboration amongst the co-teachers), so this page is deprecated, and kept only for reference.

DateTopicsReadingsAssignments Due
10 Sep Introduction, Statistics Review Chs 1,3 Begin forming your groups
17 Sep Power Analysis: Effect Size, Sample Size, Significance, and Power Ch 2
24 Sep Data Exploration: cleaning, missing data, outliers, assumptions of parametricity Chs 4,5 HW Assignment 1 due: Stats Review
1 Oct Regression: OLS (Ordinary Least-Squares) Simple Regression Ch 6, §7.1-7.5 Project dataset description due
8 Oct Regression: Hierarchical Multiple Regression §7.6-7.11 Last day for project proposal meeting
15 Oct Mediator and Moderator Effects REB (ethics) form due
(special guest announcement for CPA convention!)
Chs 9-11
29 Oct ANOVA: Factorial and Repeated-measures Chs 12-13 HW Assignment 2 due: Hierarchical Regression
5 Nov Mixed-Design ANOVA; Reading journal articles Ch 14
12 Nov (Fall reading break, no class)
19 Nov Meta Analysis and Generalized Linear Models
Guest lecture by Kafui: "Using the Critical Incident Technique (CIT) in Program Implementation Research"
Ch 18 HW Assignment 3 due: Mixed-design ANOVA
26 Nov Reading journal articles; Logistic and Log-linear Ch 8, 18 Read Myers&Hayes06 and Horowitz07 and come prepared to discuss review questions
3 Dec Factor Analysis, Canonical Correlation, and Structural Equation Modelling (and MANOVA, time permitting) Ch 17 HW Assignment 4 due: Meta-Analysis
10 Dec (no class)
Sat 18 Dec (no class) Final project manuscript due (12 noon)