CMPT166 Spring 2011 Eclipse Intro

Starting Eclipse

Eclipse is installed on the senior lab computers, under the Programs menu, Programming. If you want to install Java and Eclipse on your own computer, you may; see the section at the bottom of this document.


The Workbench

New Java Project

New Class

Coding and Testing

Further Resources

Installing Java on your own computer

You may also install the JDK (Java Development Kit) on your own computer. Do so at your own risk; no official support will be given for development environments other than the lab PCs.

Installing Eclipse on your own computer

The JDK is all you need to compile Java programs, but you may want to install an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like Eclipse to help you manage your code. Eclipse is a big download and a big program, but very powerful -- and free for your own use!

There are other options for IDEs for Java: NetBeans, JCreator, DrJava, etc. The CD in the back of the Savitch textbook has copies of these (although the version of Eclipse on the web is newer than the one on the CD).

If you don't have an IDE you can always use a plain-text editor like Notepad, vim, etc. The compiler is named javac, and the runtime environment to execute a Java class is named java.