CMPT166 Spring 2011 Lab Requirements

Complete all labs

Every lab must be done; no exceptions! But the late policy is fairly lenient; see the syllabus for details.

Lab write-up

Every lab must be accompanied by a lab write-up. A template write-up is available; it is a slightly modified version of the CMPT140 lab write-ups. Have at least something in every section.

Your write-up file should be named Last_First_Lab0.doc. (Replace "Last" with your last name, "First" with your first name, "Lab0" with the appropriate lab number, and ".doc" with the appropriate file extension.)

Code doc-comments and style

See the sample Java code file for what is expected in terms of comments, doc-comments (docstrings), and style.

We will try to follow the JavaDoc standard and the Sun Java code conventions. You may also wish to use other javadoc keywords like @see or {@link}. Each method should also have its own doc comment, including a short description, preconditions (@param javadoc keyword), and postconditions (@return keyword).

Electronic submission

Upload the following to MyCourses, under the appropriate dropbox for the lab:

The TA needs to be able to recompile and run your program; it is your responsibility to ensure that your code works for the TA! This is particularly pertinent if you are using your own install of the JDK on your own laptop, instead of using the lab computers.

Here is a sample directory containing all the files you'd need to upload.


The weighting of marks for each lab will be approximately: