BUSI 275 Spring 2012 Excel 2007 Tips

No guarantees these will work, but they are offered here for your reference! Generally, the tips are for Excel 2007, but they should work similarly for other versions.



Some add-ons (e.g., PHStat, which supposedly comes with the textbook) will have boxplots. Here is a trick by BloggPro using barcharts; for examples, see 02-SportsShoes:
  1. Calculate the median, Q1, and Q3.
  2. Calculate and put in three cells next to each other: Q1, Median-Q1, and Q3-Median.
  3. Calculate 1.5*IQR.
  4. Insert → Bar → Stacked (you could also use Column if you like)
  5. Select Data: select the three cells with Q1, Median-Q1, and Q3-Median.
  6. Select the first bar (usually blue):
  7. Select the last bar (usually green):
  8. Select the first bar (usually blue):