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For the Second Edition:

This book could not have been written without the help of a number of people, and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged: My wife Joyce, without whose patience it could not have been finished; Jan Davis and Karen Jackson, my first secretaries, who typed most of the manuscript and fixed many spelling mistakes; and Tom Rowan, who tested many of the examples, and found more errors for me to correct. Richard Thomas, Glen Little, and Milton Schmidt tested and corrected all the programs in the final manuscript. Rich Gleaves, formerly of Volition Systems, Chris Cale of Logitech Corp., Lyle Bingham and Richard Ohran of MRI, and Mike Weisert of Borland International all spent much of their time on the telephone with me and provided valuable assistance. These, and Hochstrasser computing were all generous in keeping me up-to-date on their products and documentation. The final manuscript had all the programs tested and corrected, and the answer key was prepared by Richard Thomas, Glen Little, and Milton Schmidt, whose salaries,in part, were paid from a pre-publication grant from Merrill. The patience of two classes of Trintiy Western students who suffered through the many corrections to the first edition are also appreciated. Surely two years of class testing have done some good!

For the Third Edition and the changes through 2004:

I am greatly indebted to my colleagues on the ISO committee (ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG13) that has met since 1987 to work on the standard for Modula-2. Roger Henry, Mark Woodman, and Martin Schoenhacker, the first three chairs of WG13 have been especially helpful, and their ideas and leadership are reflected extensively in the standard. Much of the fruit of the standards labour is reflected in the organization and examples of this book, which is a "Third Edition" in a formal sense only, as the material has been completely rewritten at least twice since the second (Merrill) edition. Gord Tisher assisted with testing and proofreading portions of the third edition and with the authoršs implementation of the standard libraries. He also implemented the HTML markup for the on-line edition. Dana Aldom and Nathan Sutcliffe incorporated numerous corrections and changes into the current version. Randy Yap produced the answer key and did corrections for the 1999-2000 edition. Many more of my students have now learned programming with Modula-2 in the intervening years, and the experience has, on the whole, enriched both me and them. I trust that this will continue to be the case in the future.

The original files for this book are maintained using an Apple Macintosh computer with the NisusWriter word processor. Sandra Silcot's Nisus macros (modified by Gord Tischer) were very useful in the process of converting to an HTML markup.