Shareware Information

These materials are shareware; they are not free. The cost is one Canadian dollar or $0.75 US) per student per chapter used to a maximum of 15 chapters ($15CDN or $10US). This introductory material (including preface and table of contents) is, of course, free. The Appendix is one chapter but is also free. The answers to the questions and selected problems are provided free, but without any guarantees. Any other chapters used once 15 have been paid for are free. Any programs used from the book (including the answer key), whether to write software or as part of an assignment must be acknowledged.

Universities that employ these materials may serve them locally, but should then take responsibility for remitting the shareware fees. Those who purchase through a bookstore that is making copies by permission have already paid the shareware fee and can use an electronic copy free of any additional charge.

DO NOT distribute these materials in any form whatsoever without this section and all copyright markings.

Do not modify them in any way without submitting the modifications to the author. Do not submit as your own work without acknowledgment any of the materials in the book or the answer key.

[All figures in $US] Bookstores and universities have discounts to print and re-sell multiple copies ($750 to 100 copies; $2000 to 300 copies; $4000 to 1000 copies) Customers may pay electronically or remit by cheque or money order made payable to:

Arjay Enterprises
c/o R. Sutcliffe 28964 - Starr Rd.,
Mt. Lehman BC

Electronic payment is handled by KAGI.   (