CMPT 370 Spring 2007 Homepage


Dr. Sean Ho
(604) 513-2121 x3209
5 Neufeld Science Centre
Class location:
TR 14:35-15:50 Neufeld 21


General course information: objectives, prerequisites, text, policies, etc.


Schedule of lecture topics and assignments (subject to revision as the semester proceeds).

Lecture Notes

Slides from the lectures, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

IDE Policy

Policy on use of alternate integrated development environments and programming languages in this course.

Lab Write-up

Template/example write-up for the programming projects/labs.

OpenGL Redbook Examples

Example code/programs from the OpenGL Programming Guide (RedBook).


Midterm 1

Our first midterm, covering graphical user interfaces in FLTK and parallel programming with OpenMP. Answers are included. The practice test is also available.

Midterm 2

Our second midterm, covering computer graphics and OpenGL (lectures 8-17). Answers are included. The practice test is also available.

Final Exam

Our final exam, covering the entire semester. Answers are included. The practice final is also available.


The homepage of FLTK, a lightweight toolkit for graphical user interfaces.
We will be using version 1.1.4 on Cygwin, with GCC.

The homepage of OpenMP, a standard API for shared-memory parallel scientific computation.
We will be using the version built-in to GCC-4.1.0 on carmel.

The homepage of OpenGL, an industry-standard API for 3D graphics.
We will be using OpenGL under FLTK on Cygwin.

MIT's OpenCourseWare

MIT has generously released the curriculum and course material for their advanced undergrad/grad graphics course, 6.837, under their OpenCourseWare initiative.

Daily Devotionals

Every class starts with a short devotional from the Bible, to help keep everything in perspective!