CMPT 370 Spring 2007 Schedule

The lecture schedule is subject to revision as the semester progresses.
#DateTopicLabs Due
1Tue 9 Jan Introduction
2Thu 11 Jan History of GUIs; FLTK
3Tue 16 Jan UI/HCI Design Issues Lab0: FLTK orientation
4Thu 18 Jan Parallel Computing
5Tue 23 Jan Parallel Computing Memory Models Lab1: FLTK (due date extended)
6Thu 25 Jan OpenMP
7Tue 30 Jan Synchronization and Communication
8Thu 1 Feb Computer Graphics
9Tue 6 Feb Graphics Pipeline Lab2: OpenMP
10Thu 8 Feb Introduction to OpenGL
11Tue 13 Feb 3D Geometry
12Thu 15 Feb Midterm 1 (GUI, parallel)
13Tue 20 Feb Transform Matrices
14Thu 22 Feb (class cancelled) Lab3: OpenGL viewer
(reduced late penalty)
Tue 27 Feb Independent Study Week / Reading Break
Thu 1 Mar Independent Study Week / Reading Break
15Tue 6 Mar Virtual Trackball: Quaternions
16Thu 8 Mar Modelling, Viewing, and Projection
17Tue 13 Mar Shading: OpenGL local illumination model
18Thu 15 Mar Phong Shading and Texture Maps Lab4: Virtual trackball
19Tue 20 Mar Texture Mapping in OpenGL (Redbook ch9)
20Thu 22 Mar Midterm 2 (graphics)
21Tue 27 Mar Bezier Curves and surfaces (Redbook ch12)
22Thu 29 Mar NURBS
23Tue 3 Apr Ray Tracing
24Thu 5 Apr Spatial Data Structures
25Tue 10 Apr Radiosity
26Thu 12 Apr Radiosity Lab5: Virtual World
(last day for late turn-in: 19Apr)
Sat 21 Apr Final Exam: 2-4pm