CMPT 166 Spring 2008 Homepage


Dr. Sean Ho
(604) 513-2121 x3209
Office hours: M-F, 9-10am
5 Neufeld Science Centre

TA: David Somers-Harris <> (lab hours: W 6-10pm)

Class location:
MWF 16:00-17:15 Neufeld 34


General course information: objectives, prerequisites, text, policies, etc.


Schedule of lecture topics and assignments (subject to revision as the semester proceeds).

Lecture Notes

Slides from the lectures, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Lab Assignments

The programming lab assignments (will be updated as the semester proceeds).

Eclipse Java Intro

Getting started with the Sun Eclipse integrated development environment for Java.

Lab Requirements

Policies on what is required for each programming lab.

Java Examples

The java/ subdirectory holds miscellaneous small examples from class.


Our midterm exam (answers included).

Final Exam

Our final exam (answers included).

Daily Devotionals

Every class starts with a short devotional from the Bible, to help keep everything in perspective!