CMPT 166 Spring 2008 Schedule

#DateTopicReadingLab Due
1Wed 9 Jan Introduction1.1
2Fri 11 Jan A first Java program1.1
3Mon 14Jan Java conventions; Strings; if statements1.2-3.2
4Wed 16Jan Access Control in OO-M2 vs. C++ vs. Java4.2, 5.4 Lab0: HelloWorld
5Fri 18Jan Repetition (loops); Classes3.2-3.4, 4.1
6Mon 21Jan Object-oriented design strategies
7Wed 23Jan Applets and Arraysch6 Lab 1: selection
8Fri 25Jan The 'static' keyword5.1
9Mon 28Jan Inheritancech7
10Wed 30Jan Polymorphism; copy constructors; Quiz15.2-5.3, ch8 Lab 2: p.160 #(2 / 5 / 8)
11Fri 1Feb Access modifiers; interfaces-.-
12Mon 4Feb Swingch17-18
13Wed 6Feb Swing Widgets-.- Lab 3: p.328 #(4 / 6 / 7)
14Fri 8Feb Swing Layout Managers; Quiz217.3
15Mon 11Feb Window Listeners18.1
16Wed 13Feb Basic Swing Graphicsch18
17Fri 15Feb Java2D Graphics API Java2D tutorial
18Mon 18Feb File I/O; Quiz310.1-10.3
19Wed 20Feb File I/O: Serialization10.4-10.5 Lab 4: p.999 #(1 / 2 / 3)
20Fri 22Feb File I/O: Byte-based streams--.-
Mon 25Feb (Spring reading break)
Wed 27Feb (Spring reading break)
Fri 29Feb (Spring reading break)
21Mon 3Mar Recursion: Towers of Hanoi example, Fractal L-systemsch11
22Wed 5Mar Quiz 4
23Fri 7Mar Component Architecture 19.3
24Mon 10Mar Review for midterm
25Wed 12Mar Midterm exam
26Fri 14Mar TCP/IP Networking: socket I/O19.2
27Mon 17Mar TCP/IP Networking: UDP streams19.2
28Wed 19Mar Multithreading19.1 Lab 5: Swing II
Fri 21Mar (Good Friday holiday)
Mon 24Mar (Easter Monday holiday)
29Wed 26Mar Synchronization, Quiz 5 --.-
30Fri 28Mar Data sharing: locks, producer-consumer --.-
31Mon 31Mar Generics and ArrayListch14
32Wed 2Apr UML diagrams, class diagram; Quiz 6ch12
33Fri 4Apr Design patternsch12
34Mon 7Apr Collections and iteratorsch16
35Wed 9Apr Review, Quiz 7--.- Lab 6: TCP Client-server
36Fri 11Apr (Class cancelled; work on your lab!)
37Mon 14Apr Lab6 presentations; Course review (meet in Neu12 instructional lab)
Tue 15Apr Last day to do online course evaluations: check your myTWU email for the link and password. More details here. Enter for a chance to win a $100 bookstore gift certificate!
Wed 23Apr Final Exam (2-4pm)