NATS 490 C Spring 2009 Presentation Schedule

If you need to change your scheduled presentation date, please email me as soon as possible.
DatePresenterTitle of Presentation
Mon 12 Jan Plenary session: Dr. Bill Strom and Dr. Arnold Sikkema (Neu41)
Thu 15 Jan Introduction and scheduling
Thu 22 Jan (no meeting; work on your papers)
Thu 29 Jan (no meeting; work on your papers)
Thu 5 Feb (no meeting; work on your papers)
Thu 12 Feb (no meeting; work on your papers)
Thu 19 Feb Christine G. "Biodegradable Polymers and Bioplastics: Problem or Solution?"
Matt N. "A Balance Between the Synthetic and the Natural: A Need for Concern and Knowledge in Chemistry"
Thu 26 Feb Independent Study Week / Reading Break
Thu 5 Mar Christine B. "It's Not Easy Buying Green: Dishonest Advertising and its Negative Effects on Green Products"
Matt D. "Addiction: A Disease or Personal Choice?"
Thu 12 Mar Steven S. "Man-Machine Integration: A Call to Discernment"
Laura F. "Understanding the Abortion Debate: Biology, Technology, Philosophy, and the Law"
Thu 19 Mar Joni K. "Antidepressant Prescription: Hopped-up on Happiness?"
Elise v. "Pseudogenes: A Result of Common Ancestry or Common Designer?"
Thu 26 Mar Catherine J. "Whaling: A Resource to be Used or a Species to Protect?"
Katherine H. "Seeking the City that is to Come: Urban Planting and God's Promise of Redemption"
Thu 2 Apr John H. "The Trade-offs Between Our Self-Confidence and Our Faith"