CPSY 501 Fall 2011 Homepage


Dr. Howard Andersen
Dr. Sean Ho
Class location:
F 9am-12pm, CanIL 115 lab
Sean's hours: TR 4-5pm NWB 231 (in Business School)


General course information: objectives, prerequisites, text, policies, etc.

Old Lectures

For reference, old lecture notes from 2010, together with sample datasets.
Lectures for 2011 will be posted on myCourses.


Homework assignments and associated datasets, plus the handout for the data analysis project.

Datasets for Project

Resources for finding datasets for your data analysis project.

REB Info

Information on getting approval for research on human subjects (e.g., questionnaires) from the TWU Research Ethics Board. You should use the form for "Analysis of Existing Data", near the bottom of the page. There is an excellent government Tri-Council tutorial on ethics in research, as well as a TWU document on guidelines for REB forms.


The industry-standard software tool for statistical analysis we will be using in this course, SPSS Statistics. I have more information on how you can purchase your own copy of SPSS for use on your own computers, if you so desire.

Textbook Resources (Field)

Additional student resources provided by the textbook's author, Andy Field: interactive multiple-choice quizzes, glossary, SPSS tutorials, and all datasets referenced in the text.
I also have a local copy of the datasets.

Article Library

Mini-library of relevant journal articles referenced in class. (This is from last year's course.)

APA Errata

The new 6th edition of the APA Style Manual has a number of errors. The 2nd printing has corrected them; we have copies of that in spiral-bound, but if you got the paperback, it's probably the 1st-printing. The APA site has the list of corrections, and also updated sample papers.