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Materials are under construction and can be changed or added to at any time. No guarantees as to completion of any proposed chapters in any form whatsoever are express or implied. The author's best efforts have been made to conform to the ISO-standard for Modula-2, but no guarantees are offered for that either. All the programs have been tested; most using the p1 compiler running under MPW. Most have also been tested on the StonyBrook compiler running under Windows NT. There is a lot of stuff here. Please report errors. More chapters are on the way. For the 1999-2000 edition, materials on Object Oriented extensions to Modula-2 have been added as chapter 19, and an answer key to the questions and some problems has been provided for chapters 1-12. By the 2002-2003 edition the answers had been extended to chapter 15 and the html improved. Browsers are getting better and compatibility has improved, but that is not our doing.

There is a lot more information available on Modula-2 in the comp.lang.modula-2 FAQ.


These materials start with few or no assumptions about the students' knowledge of programming and build the foundations very slowly and completely. They can be used for those in the first two or three semesters of computing science, regardless of initial knowledge; extraneous materials may simply be skipped.