MATH 108 Fall 2010 Homepage


Dr. Sean Ho
(604) 513-2121 x3209, Neufeld 5
Office hours: WRF 14:00-16:00
Class location:
TR 08:00-09:15 Neufeld 13


General course information: objectives, prerequisites, text, policies, etc.


Weekly homework assignments (subject to revision as the semester proceeds).

Conditional Prob.

A few extra sample problems on conditional probability and independence to supplement the textbook and lectures. Answers are included.

Answers to Supplemental HW

Solutions to the supplemental questions on HW2 and HW3 (research design, variables, conditional probability).

Excel spreadsheet

Sample spreadsheet demonstrating how to do most of our (parametric) statistical tests in Excel. Also available for OpenOffice. Excel is not great for statistics; there are commercial add-ons, as well as much more sophisticated (and expensive) statistical software like SPSS or Stata. For those not shy of a command-line interface, there is also the very powerful (and free) R project.


Midterm ch1-6

Our first midterm covered chapters 1-6. Solutions are included. (Form A), (Form B).

Midterm ch7-11

Our second midterm covered chapters 7-11. Solutions are included. (Form A), (Form B).

Final Exam

Our final exam, with solutions included (Form A) (PDF), (Form B) (PDF).

Research Articles

A directory of a few select research articles (some by our own faculty!). Journal articles are very challenging to read, but see how much of the analysis you can understand!

Fall 2009

I taught the same course last year; you may find the old exams and course material from that offering helpful.

Daily Devotionals

Every class starts with a short devotional from the Bible, to help keep everything in perspective!