BUSI 275 Spring 2012 Schedule

#DateReadingTopicsHW Due
01Tue 10 Janch1-2 Intro; Exploring Data: Charts
02Tue 17 Janch3-4 Exploring Data: Descriptives;
Intro to Probability

(skip stem-and-leaf)
Thu 19 Jan HW1: ch1-2
Mon 23 Jan Schedule proposal meeting
03Tue 24 Janch4 and TCPS CORE Conditional Probability;
Research Ethics
(class starts at 11:50 due to Missions Week chapel)
Thu 26 Jan HW2: ch2-3
04Tue 31 Janch5-6 Distributions: Discrete and Continuous
Thu 2 Feb HW3: ch3-4
Fri 3 Feb Last day for proposal meeting
(upload proposal at least 24hrs before meeting)
05Tue 7 Febch7-8 Sampling Distributions and Confidence Intervals Dataset Description
Thu 9 Feb HW4: ch5
06Tue 14 Febch9 (skip 9.3) Hypothesis Testing: H0/HA, Type I/II, α/β;
Midterm Review
REB forms (you are encouraged to submit early!)
07Tue 21 Feb Midterm (2hrs)
Tue 28 Feb (Independent Study Week; no class)
08Tue 6 March10 t-tests: Independent Samples
Thu 8 Mar HW5:
09Tue 13 March14 Correlation and Intro to Regression
Thu 15 Mar HW6:
10Tue 20 March15 Multiple Regression and Interaction Effects
Thu 22 Mar HW7:
11Tue 27 March12 ANOVA: One-Way, Blocking, and Two-Way Email to sign up for presentation slot
Thu 29 Mar HW8:
12Tue 3 Aprch13 Χ2 and Contingency Tables;
Semester Review
13Tue 10 Apr Project presentations (aim for 15min per group)
Mon 16 Apr Paper due at 10pm
Thu 26 Apr Final Exam (9-11am)