BUSI 275 Fall 2011 Schedule

#DateReadingTopicsHW Due
01Thu 8 Sepch1 Intro; Data Collection, Levels of Measurement
02Tue 13 Sepch2 Exploring Your Data: Charts
(skip stem-and-leaf)
03Thu 15 Sepch3 Exploring Your Data: Numerical Descriptives HW1: ch1-2
04Tue 20 Sepch4 Probability and Conditional Probability
05Thu 22 Sepch5 Discrete Distributions: Binomial, Poisson, Hypergeometric HW2: ch2-3
06Tue 27 Sepch6 Continuous Distributions: Normal, Uniform, Exponential
07Thu 29 Sep7.1-7.2, 8.2 Sampling Distributions HW3: ch3-4
08Tue 4 Oct7.3, 8.1, 8.3 Confidence Intervals and t-Distribution Dataset Description
09Thu 6 Oct TCPS CORE Research Ethics HW4: ch5-6
10Tue 11 Octch9 (skip 9.3) Hypothesis Testing: H0/HA, Type I/II, α/β
11Thu 13 Octch1-8 Review ch1-8 (see practise questions) HW5: ch7-8
12Tue 18 Oct10.1-10.2 t-test: Independent Samples
(Anne's hours cancelled)
REB forms (you are encouraged to submit early!)
13Thu 20 Octch1-8 Midterm Exam: ch1-8
14Tue 25 Oct10.3-10.4 t-test: Paired Data, Proportions Project Proposal
15Thu 27 Oct14.1 Correlation and Intro to Regression HW6: ch9-10
16Tue 1 Nov14.2-14.3 Hypothesis Testing on Regression
17Thu 3 Novch15 Multiple Regression and Interaction Effects
18Tue 8 Nov12.1 One-way ANOVA and Follow-up Analysis
(Anne's hours cancelled)
HW7: ch10,14
Thu 10 Nov (Fall reading break)
19Tue 15 Nov12.2-3 Factorial ANOVA and Blocking
20Thu 17 Novch13 Categorical Variables: χ2 Test of Goodness-of-Fit
(Sean's hours cancelled)
Sign-up for presentations (just email Sean)
21Tue 22 Nov D. Kenny, Mediation FAQ Supplemental Topics: Mediators
22Thu 24 Novch16 Supplemental Topics: Time Series HW8: ch15,12
23Tue 29 Nov Project presentations (aim for 15min per group)
A (11:40-13:00):
  1. NBA Performance (Bryce)
  2. TWU Coffee Consumption (Andrew, Jason, Kenton, Joey)
  3. Student GPA (Team Lavaberg WUHO) (Scott, Megan, Benson, Jill)
  4. Auto Industry (Jordan, Chris)

B (14:35-15:50):
  1. Life Expectancy in Brazil (Black Arrow) (Julie, Brian, Ryan, Dave)
  2. TWU School Pride (Scott, Allie, Nii)
  3. Spartan Concessions (Andrew, Kathlyn, Daniel, Daniel)
24Thu 1 Dec Project presentations
A (11:40-13:00):
  1. Retail Trade (Brittany+Miranda)
  2. Career Power (Yang+Grayson)
  3. NBA Salaries (Lucas, Tim, Claire, Carly)
  4. TWU IT Helpdesk Requests (Fantastic Four) (Kam, Kevin, Eddie, Karina)

B (14:35-15:50):
  1. Best Business Schools (Rex, Natasha, Selena)
  2. TWU Laptop Brands (Josh, Heather, Shaun, Fiona)
  3. CEO Salaries from Forbes Business (Sharon, Lidia, Jenna, Hao)
  4. University Tuition (XinYan, Amrit, Vicki, Brian)
25Tue 6 Dec---- Semester review
Wed 7 Dec (no class) Paper due at 10pm
Sat 10 Dec (Section A) 6-8pm: Final Exam
Sat 10 Dec (Section B) 2-4pm: Final Exam