CMPT 166 Spring 2010 Schedule

#DateReadingTopicLab Due
01M 11 Jan1.1-1.2 Introduction: Java, Eclipse
02W 13 Jan1.3-1.4, 5.4, ch3 Java syntax: type, style, System.out, String, if, while, for, switch
03F 15 Janch2 Text Console I/O
04M 18 Jan4.1-4.2, 5.4 Defining classes in Java/C++/Python/OO-M2; Access modifiers; Packages Lab 0: HelloWorld
05W 20 Jan4.3-4.4 OO design strategies
06F 22 Jan5.1 static, Math, standard librariesQuiz 1
07M 25 Jan5.2-5.3, 4.3-4.4 JUnit, Scope vs. Duration, References, Copy Constructor Lab 1: Control Flow
08W 27 Janch6 Date and Arrays
09F 29 Janch7 Inheritance, Overriding, Polymorphism
(Korean students visiting)
10M 1 Febch8, 13.1 Abstract Classes and InterfacesQuiz 2
11W 3 Febch9 Exceptions Lab 2: OO Classes
12F 6 Febch10 File I/O and Serializable
(Korean students visiting)
13M 8 Feb17.1-17.2 Swing: JOptionPane, JFrame, ActionListener
14W 10 Feb13.2-13.3, 17.4-17.5 Swing widgets
15F 12 Feb17.3, Java tut Swing layout managers
(Korean students visiting)
16M 15 Feb18.1-18.2 MenusQuiz 3
17W 17 Feb18.3-18.4 Scrollbars, Window Events, Drawing Lab 3: Inheritance
18F 19 Feb18.5, Java2D tutorial Java2D graphics API
M 22 Feb (Independent Study Week; no class)
W 24 Feb (Independent Study Week; no class)
F 26 Feb (Independent Study Week; no class)
19M 1 Mar Review ch1-10, 13, 17-18
20W 3 Mar Midterm
21F 5 Mar TogetherSoft UML tutorial UML: Class Diagrams
22M 8 Mar TogetherSoft UML tutorial UML: Use-Case Diagrams
23W 10 Mar TogetherSoft UML tutorial UML: Sequence Diagrams Lab 4: Swing
24F 12 Mar(19.3-19.4) Component architectures
25M 15 Mar Introduction to Networking Quiz 4
26W 17 Mar19.2 TCP client-server
27F 19 Mar19.1, Java tut UDP; Multi-threading
28M 22 Mar Swing tutorial Multi-threading for Swing
29W 24 Mar Android Intro to Android Quiz 5,
Lab 5: UML Design Project
30F 26 Mar Installing Android SDK Android: SDK+ADT, Component Architecture
31M 29 Mar "Hello, World!" tutorial Android: Activity Life Cycle, Views (UI)
32W 31 Mar Android Dev Guide Android: Resources, XML, Internationalization, Event Listeners
F 2 Apr (Good Friday; no class)
M 5 Apr (Easter Monday; no class)
33W 7 Apr Vince Huston, JavaCamp Design patterns: Creational
34F 9 Apr Vince Huston, JavaCamp Design patterns: Structural
35M 12 Apr Design patterns: Behavioural
(GameDev promo by Alma!)
Quiz 6
36W 14 Apr Semester review
37F 16 Apr Lab presentations (in senior lab) Lab 6: Android or TCP/IP
Sa 24 Apr Final Exam: 9-11am