CMPT 231 Fall 2012 Schedule

All readings are from the textbook, CLRS3.
There are 12 lectures, 6 homework sets, and 3 midterm exams. The general idea is that most lectures cover 1 chapter of the textbook; most homeworks cover two lectures, and each midterm exam covers approximately two homeworks (the last of which I hope to get back to you before each exam so you can have the feedback for studying).
#DateReadingTopicHW/Exam Due
1T 11 Sep ch1-3 Algorithmic complexity, divide-and-conquer
2T 18 Sep ch4 Math review, logic, induction, proofs
3T 25 Sep ch6-7 Sorting: Heapsort and Quicksort
R 27 Sep HW1: ch2-3
4T 2 Oct Exam 1: ch1-4
5T 9 Oct ch8, 11 (skip 11.5) Linear-time sorting: radix sort, bucket sort; Hash tables: chaining, open addressing
R 11 Oct HW2: ch4,6-7
6T 16 Oct ch10, ch12 (skip 12.4) Data structures: linked-lists, stacks/queues, binary search trees
7T 23 Oct ch18 B-trees; review ch6-8,11
R 25 Oct HW3: ch8,11
8T 30 Oct Exam 2: ch6-8,11
9T 6 Nov ch15 (skip 15.4) Dynamic Programming
R 8 Nov HW4: ch10,12
T 13 Nov (Remembrance Day, no class)
10T 20 Nov 16.1-16.3, 22.1-2 Greedy Algorithms, Huffman coding
R 22 Nov HW5: ch18, 15
11T 27 Nov Exam 3: ch10,12,18,15
12T 4 Dec 22.3-5 Depth-first search and applications; Semester Review
R 6 Dec HW6: ch15,16
W 12 Dec Office hours: 3-5pm
R 13 Dec Final Exam: 2-4pm, Neu37