CMPT 166 Spring 2009 Schedule

#DateTopicReadingLab Due
1Wed 7 Jan Introduction ch2
2Fri 9 Jan Getting Started with C++ ch2
3Mon 12 Jan Basic C syntax and operators ch3
4Wed 14 Jan UML and design patterns, Classes vs. Modules ch1 Lab0: HelloWorld (MSVC orientation)
5Fri 16 Jan Declaring classes, visibility/access (Quiz1) ch5
6Mon 19 Jan Object-oriented design strategies ch1
7Wed 21 Jan File I/O and Vectors ch2 Lab 1: Twelve Days
8Fri 23 Jan Storage modifiers: extern, static, etc. ch3
9Mon 26 Jan Creating classes in C++: Stack example ch4, ch5, ch6
10Wed 28 Jan Inheritance and polymorphism ch14, ch7
11Fri 30 Jan Polymorphism, virtual ch15, ch11, ch12 Lab 2: File I/O
12Mon 2 Feb static and namespaces ch10
13Wed 4 Feb C++ <string> (Quiz 2) vol2 ch3
14Fri 6 Feb Exceptions ch8, vol2 ch1
15Mon 9 Feb Graphical user interfaces (FLTK homepage)
16Wed 11 Feb FLTK and Fluid (FLTK docs)
17Fri 13 Feb Interfaces vs. abstract superclasses (Quiz 3) Lab 3: Class w/operators
18Mon 16 Feb Review
19Wed 18 Feb Midterm: up to lecture 17
20Fri 20 Feb 2D Drawing in FLTK FLTK doc ch5
Mon 23 Feb (Spring reading break)
Wed 25 Feb (Spring reading break)
Fri 27 Feb (Spring reading break)
21Mon 2 Mar 2D Drawing in FLTK, cont. FLTK doc ch5
22Wed 4 Mar Recursion: Towers of Hanoi, Gray Codes, Fractals Lab 4: FLTK
23Fri 6 Mar Drawing Iterated Function Systems in FLTK (Quiz4) FractalTree example, FLTK doc ch6
24Mon 9 Mar Generic Programming: C++ Templates ch16
25Wed 11 Mar An OO Design Exercise
(plus promo of game devel by Kevin Schut)
26Fri 13 Mar An OO Design Exercise: Use-Cases, UI Design, Components
27Mon 16 Mar BSD Sockets: TCP server U Illinois notes (PDF), UWO notes, Winsock primer
28Wed 18 Mar Networking: OSI levels, IP, NAT, IPv6 Lab 5: fractals/photoshop
29Fri 20 Mar Networking: DNS, ports, byte order
30Mon 23 Mar Quiz 5
31Wed 25 Mar Intro to POSIX Threads LLNL tutorial, Maui HPCC training, YoLinux tutorial, C++ text vol2 ch11
32Fri 27 Mar Unit Testing: Making Sure Your Program Works UMD CMSC433, C++ text vol2 ch2 (assertions)
33Mon 30 Mar Design Patterns: Overview and Creational "Gang of Four" book, Vince Huston, web summary at DO Factory
34Wed 1 Apr Review and Quiz 6
35Fri 3 Apr Design Patterns: Structural and Behavioural
36Mon 6 Apr Lab 6 presentation/demos (meet in senior lab)
37Wed 8 Apr Semester Review Lab 6: client/server
Sat 18 Apr Final Exam (9-11am)